Free Download: Ziggy Marley’s New Prop 19 Song ‘A Fire Burns For Freedom’



‚ÄčRecording artist Ziggy Marley has released a new single, “A Fire Burns For Freedom,” also known as “Wild and Free,” in support of Prop 19 and cannabis reform, and is offering the song as a free download on his website.

“I would love if everyone enlightened themselves on the many uses and benefits of this plant,” Marley said. “A plant that if utlized to its full potential will greatly benefit humankind in the many different aspects of our lives and existence.”
Ziggy’s aim is to spread the word about marijuana and what if offers the human race.
“I have been quite surprised in my travels to realize that those who I have come in contact with seem oblivious to the ‘other’ uses of this amazing gift that has been given to us,” Marley said.

“I know it’s only a lowly weed, the simplest and most hated form of plant life; after all, what can a simple weed offer people? It’s not as romantic as a rose, nor as celebrated as tobacco or hops, neither does it have the connections of oil or corn, but its uses are one zillion times more beneficial to all of us than is known or told,” Marley said.
“Please enjoy A Fire Burns For Freedom aka ‘Wild and Free’ responsibly,” Ziggy said.
To download the free single, visit Ziggy’s website here.