Man Busted After Pot Text To Old Friend… Who’s Now A Cop


Photo: CBS/AP

‚ÄčAh, nothing like getting back in touch with old friends. But one of the first questions you ask, when you’ve got years of catching up to do, led to an arrest after the recipient of a “So do you smoke weed?” text message turned out to now be a cop.

Amanda Williams, a reserve officer with the Early Police Department in Texas, was not amused when she received the text message Tuesday, asking about getting together to smoke some marijuana with her old friend, Steve Nash at The Brownwood Bulletin reported on Friday.
Williams, who is apparently quite gung-ho about her job and evidently lacks a sense of humor, said she had not spoken to the man in some time, and he did not know that she’s now a police officer.

Seemingly not content to just answer with a simple “Just Say No” text message, Williams tipped off the police department that she had agreed to meet the man at a park in Early, about 120 miles southwest of Fort Worth.
Early Police and Texas State Troopers were on hand to arrest the San Angelo, Texas man, who now faces a marijuana possession charge and a lost friendship.
Hell, maybe even a broken heart, too, but we don’t really know if he liked her like that.