All Profits From Sales Of This T-Shirt Will Be Donated To LEAP


Graphic: Green Hit Shirts

​Green Hit Shirts has announced that 100 percent of profits from the sales of its latest t-shirt design will be donated to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) to help in their efforts to bring awareness to the issue of cannabis regulation.

The title of the latest t-shirt design is OMG LEGALIZE WTF.
LEAP is dedicated to ending prohibition and reducing the harms associated with all drug abuse. The organization is made up of 13,000 current and former members of law enforcement, including Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents.

LEAP members believe existing drug policies in the U.S. have failed to achieve their intended goals of addressing the problems of crime, drug abuse, addiction, juvenile drug use, stopping the flow of illegal drugs into this country and the internal sale and use of illegal drugs.
“By fighting a War On Drugs, the government has increased the problems of society and made them far worse,” Green Hit Shirts said in a press release. “A system of regulation rather than prohibition is a less harmful, more ethical and more effective public policy.”
LEAP works to reduce unintended consequences of the War On Drugs and to lessen the incidence of death, disease, crime, and addiction by ultimately ending drug prohibition. The organization hopes to restore public respect for law enforcement, which LEAP says has been greatly diminished by law enforcement’s involvement in imposing drug prohibition.

Graphic: Green Hit Shirts

​Green Hit Shirts said it has partnered with LEAP “to bring balance to the post drug war future for the people of the United States.”
Green Hit Shirts, headquartered in Miami, was founded by Two Tall Ganjapreneurs responding to increasing public awareness of the legitimacy of medical marijuana and the use of cannabis by professional, respectable people to enhance the quality of their lives.
“People across the United States are stepping out to say ‘I am a responsible professional citizen and a responsible adult cannabis user. I am not a criminal,’ ” the company said in a press release.
Green Hit Shirts, with artists in San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Tokyo, and Kyoto, said it “seeks to spread the word about cannabis, one work of art at a time, to enhance the future of people united in ganja, fashion, music, art, and culture.”
“Green Hit Shirts will remain a long term partner with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in this patriotic effort,” the company says on its website. “The cops and the people together are leading the politicians to end the failed war on drugs.”
“Valuable police time and taxpayer dollars must not be wasted on non-violent cannabis consumers,” Green Hit said.
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