If You Want To Keep Medical Marijuana In Cali, Say No To Cooley


Graphic: NotCooley.com
If you support medical marijuana patients in California, Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley is not your friend.

‚ÄčThe race for attorney general of California — between Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris — is the most important election contest affecting the state’s medical marijuana patients, according to Americans for Safe Access.

A win for outspoken marijuana opponent Cooley — who has become infamous as Los Angeles County District Attorney for his extreme anti-cannabis stance — could devastate the gains California has made in bringing safe access to patients, many advocates believe.
Cooley is just not cool, according to NotCooley.com. He is on record opposing all sales of medical marijuana and has a long and unhappy history of complicating and obstructing the local regulatory process.
If elected, Cooley could criminalize the sale of medical marijuana and aggressively raid dispensaries around California. Cooley could reverse the 2008 California Attorney General Guidelines issued by Jerry Brown, and that could jeopardize the rights now enjoyed by patients and providers across the state.

As Attorney General of California, Cooley would likely work to overturn important legal precedents favoring medical cannabis patients and providers.
A win for Steve Cooley could be disastrous for the more than 400,000 medical marijuana patients in California.
Defeating Cooley will avert the greatest threat to medical cannabis presently being faced in the Golden State.