More Than 3 Tons Of Marijuana Seized In Texas


Photo: CNN
U.S. agents seized the 6,700 pounds of marijuana, compressed into about 500 bricks, near Falfurrias, Texas on Friday

‚ÄčU.S. law enforcement seized more than three tons of marijuana from a tanker trailer traveling in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, according to a spokesman from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Special agents seized the cannabis Friday near Falfurrias, Texas, said Ross Feinstein, spokesman for the customs agency, reports Leslie Tripp at CNN.
The pot was packaged in about 500 bricks wrapped in clear cellophane and duct table, Feinstein said. 

The street value of the marijuana is about $5.3 million, claimed ICE spokeswoman Adelina Pruneda, who said 6,700 pounds of cannabis had been seized.
If 6,700 bricks was divided into 500 bricks, that gives us an average weight of 13.4 pounds, or just over six kilos per brick.