Three Soldiers Break Into Marijuana Dispensary, Get Trapped


Photo: KSDK
These three active duty soldiers were arrested after their robbery attempt at a medical marijuana dispensary.

‚ÄčSurveillance Footage Shows Hapless Pot Thieves “Running Around Like Rats Trapped in a Maze” 

Three active duty soldiers from Fort Carson, Colorado, were arrested early Saturday morning after allegedly trying to rob a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, according to the police.

Security cameras caught the three bumbling burglars on tape breaking into the Rocky Road Remedies cannabis dispensary, reports Kevin Dolak at ABC News. The three, who wore ski masks and carried crowbars, found themselves trapped inside the pot shop when the automatic security system locked all the doors.
Surveillance footage shows the hapless pot thieves “running around like rats trapped in a maze,” according to the manager of the dispensary, reports Ayinde O. Chase at AHN News.

Photo: KCNC
Ramone Hollins, left; Cory Young, center; and Darius Thomas, right.

‚Äč”It’s definitely humorous because in the videotape you see them running back and forth, back and forth, kind of realizing that they’re trapped and they are going to get caught,” dispensary owner Renze Waddington told KCNC.
The cops happened to be right next door on another call when the alarm triggered, and the men found themselves locked inside the scene of their crime, unable to open the front or back doors to the store.
Darius Thomas, 23; Cory Young, 22; and Ramone Hollins, 22 were arrested on suspicion of second degree burglary.
The three men allegedly broke into the dispensary via the back door, which police said they easily jimmied open using a crowbar.
“The burglars had jimmied the door to the point where they disabled it, so they couldn’t get out and we couldn’t get in,” said Colorado Springs Police Sgt. Mark DeVorss, reports Ana Cabrera at 7News.”
“Fortunately for us, they made it easy for us to capture them and, to their credit, they were compliant with us,” DeVorss said.
Police had to use extrication tools to get in and make the arrests.
“It felt good,” said dispensary owner Waddington, who arrived about 15 minutes after the security alarm went off. “It’s a relief knowing that the suspects are in custody.”
Waddington said the suspects were already in handcuffs when he arrived.
“They had never been patients or had never been in here,” Waddington said.
The three remained in jail Sunday, each being held on $10,000 bond. Fort Carson officials wouldn’t comment on potential military consequences.