Cannabis Trade Group To Launch At KushCon II


Graphic: NCIA

​The National Cannabis Industry Association, the first national trade organization dedicated to advancing  the interests of cannabis-related businesses, will formally launch its operations this week in Denver, Colorado. The leaders of the association, hailing from across the country, will gather for NCIA’s first board meeting and will set the organizations agenda for the coming year on Thursday, December 16.

“This is an historic time for the cannabis industry and we are excited to have the opportunity to help so many small businesses advance their interests,” said Aaron Smith, NCIA’s executive director. “NCIA’s board is comprised of some of the true leaders in the industry and they are dedicated to seeing the industry flourish in a manner than benefits all cannabis consumers.”
“We are past the point of debating whether cannabis should be a legal product in this country,” Smith said. “The truth is that it is a legal product in many states and it is time to treat individuals involved in the industry the same as all other business people.”

Photo: NCIA
Aaron Smith, NCIA: “Collectively, we will be a force impossible to ignore in Washington”

​In the days following Thursday’s board meeting, many NCIA leaders will take part in the KushCon II convention hosted by Kush Magazine and Billing the event as the “World’s Largest Cannabis Lifestyle Convention,” organizers are expecting tens of thousands of attendees, who will be able to listen to speakers, enjoy musicians and other entertainment, and visit more than 400 vendor booths, representing the diversity of the cannabis industry.
“It is no coincidence that NCIA’s first meeting is being held in Denver just before KushCon II,” Smith said. “This convention will bring together hundreds of small businesses involved in the cannabis industry. In a time of stagnant economic growth, it will be a demonstration of the growing strength and vitality of the industry.”
“Our goal is to speak with as many of these business owners as possible and encourage them to join our association,” Smith said. “Collectively, we will be a force impossible to ignore in Washington.”
The National Cannabis Industry Association says its mission is defend, promote and advance the interests of the cannabis industry and its members.
NCIA publicly advocates for the unique needs of the emerging cannabis industry and defends against those aiming to eliminate the legal market for cannabis and cannabis-related products.
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