Germany: Cannabis Decrim Petition Open For Signatures


Graphic: German Hemp Association

​Citizens of Germany are now able to weigh in on cannabis decriminalization with an official petition.
After first being rejected by the public petitions committee of the Bundestag (the German legislative body comparable to Parliament), an online petition calling for the nationwide decriminalization of cannabis, originally launched in late October, is finally open for signatures.
Petition initiator Georg Wurth, who is also a spokesman for the German Hemp Association, cites a survey conducted earlier this year that found 54 percent of the population support the decriminalization of marijuana.
“There is a popular majority that criticizes the current harsh attitude towards cannabis users and would like a more liberal approach,” Wurth said.
Wurth urged supporters to sign the petition, which will be the last of its kind until the end of the election term in 2013.
“This is no drill; this is serious!” Wurth said.
The petition (in German, of course), now open for signatures, can be found by clicking here.

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Aab Pit Pál for making Toke of the Town aware of this!