Did NFL Legend Marino Play Football High On Pot?


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Dan Marijuano? “All those pictures of him and his old hair, I wouldn’t pass it by him.” ~ Kyle Turley

‚ÄčIf you’re inclined to believe locker room rumors, one of them has it that legendary National Football League quarterback Dan Marino was known to smoke marijuana before games.

Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley claimed this week on the Dan LeBatard Show that while he doesn’t know for sure, stories of Miami Dolphins legend Marino sparking up before games is the stuff of common locker room lore, reports Michael J. Mooney at our sister Village Voice Media blog, Broward Palm Beach New Times.

Turley, ostensibly on LeBatard’s show to promote a Super Bowl party he’s hosting, started bragging about how he drinks whiskey straight out of the bottle and smokes medical marijuana. The former New Orleans Saint, Los Angeles Ram and Kansas City Chief claimed he smoked pot during his 1998-2007 NFL career, but never before games — which he heard was Marino’s practice.

“I heard Dan Marino did, down there in Miami,” Turley claimed. “That’s a rumor, but I don’t know. You’d have to ask Danny. All those old pictures of him and his old hair, I wouldn’t pass it by him.
“It’s locker room talk,” Turley said. “I’ve heard a few things. I was going to do it one time in my prime, but definitely not when I wasn’t in my prime,” Turley said of smoking before games. “It never happened. I was facing too many guys I needed to take care of, so I wanted to be at my best. Not that I wouldn’t have been at my best.
“I actually heard from guys that it actually slows things down so you can see things a little better and that’s where the whole Marino thing came from,” Turley revealed. “And I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s something I heard that that was something that he was able to get relaxed before the games and not be too edgy and calm and collected and be able to see things more clearly on the field.”
Incidentally, Turley also claimed that some of his NFL coaches drank shots of Jack Daniels and snorted lines of cocaine before games.