Idaho Senate Attacks The Menace Of Blunt Wraps. WTF?


Photo: Idaho Secretary of State
Dude won’t be winning any high-IQ tests anytime soon: Clueless Idaho Sen. Denton “Dense” Darrington believes blunt wraps are a threat to civilization in Idaho.

​Let’s be “blunt” about this: With all the real issues facing the Potato State, the Idaho Legislature has some mighty strange priorities.

A bill introduced Monday in the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee would make it unlawful to sell, manufacture or distribute roll-your-own cigar blunt wraps in the state. This is because blunt wraps, made from tobacco leaves, are widely used by marijuana smokers to consume weed.
The incredibly pinheaded proposal, sponsored by Republican Senator Denton “Dense” Darrington, would give blunt wraps the same status as other supposed “drug paraphernalia,” opening sellers, manufacturers and owners of the products to potential criminal charges, reports Ben Botkin at the Magic Valley Times-News.
The bill comes — you guessed it! — at the urging of Big Tobacco, who would really hate to see Americans switch from smoking their cancer-causing product — which causes 440,000 deaths every year in the U.S. alone — to marijuana, for which nobody seems to be able to find a single substantiated fatality.
The Cigar Association of America claims the wraps “have no legitimate use” and are primarily used to make “marijuana cigarettes.” The horror…. The horror!

Photo: Snus News

“In recent times, the term ‘blunt’ has become associated with marijuana or joints,” Russell Westerberg, speaking on behalf of the Cigar Assocation, knowledgeably informs us.
A blunt can also mask the odor of marijuana and “give the appearance of no wrongdoing” by its smoker, Westerberg added, saying “If Paris Hilton had used a blunt, she probably wouldn’t have been caught.” (Hilton was detained in South Africa in July for suspicion of marijuana possession at the World Cup. The wealthy hotel heiress cum home sex tape star was later cleared of the charge.)
Westerberg self-importantly brought in samples of these “dangerous” blunt wraps and let lawmakers cluelessly pass them around, inspecting them to “get acquainted” with these threats to polite Idaho society.
He claimed the blunt wraps are also used to smoke “Spice,” synthetic marijuana that’s caught on among dweebs who aren’t cool enough to know anyone with the real stuff.
​If you choose to use commercially produced tobacco in the United States, you should at least be aware that you are helping fund some of the biggest opponents of cannabis re-legalization in the country.