National Geographic’s ‘High On Marijuana’ Airs January 16


What, exactly, happens to your body when you smoke marijuana?

Many of you have no doubt asked yourselves that intriguing question more than once, and for those who’ve ever wondered, a new National Geographic special — which is part of their “Drugged” series — aims to answer that question.

High On Marijuana uses visual effects and CGI to take the viewer on a trip through the human body. Using testimony from those who enjoy using cannabis, and those who have, to quote NatGeo, “been addicted,” (which is, of course, something of a red flag to those who were expecting an impartial viewpoint) the episode “offers an insight into the realities of these drugs,” if National Geographic’s copywriter is to be believed.

“Some of Britain and America’s top scientists and doctors will also explain the surprising bio-chemical effects of these popular drugs as well as their unintended consequences,” we are given to believe.
“It was indeed a positive experience and hopefully the science that will be explored as I get high will silence all the unfounded, fear-mongering used to discredit it,” an optimistic Michael Hayne — a comedian by trade, who appears onscreen smoking marijuana in the documentary — told Toke of the Town Tuesday afternoon. 

Even if it turns out to be a breathless piece of anti-pot hogwash, the special looks to be worthwhile if for nothing other than the CGI animation of pot smoke and compounds traveling through the human body. Well, that and more than a few giggles at the alarmist language used, judging by the clip above.

Drugged: High On Marijuana first airs on the National Geographic Channel at 8 p.m. on Sunday, January 16. (Note: it’ll be immediately followed at 9 p.m. with the second episode of the series, Drugged: High On Cocaine. I know — eww.)

Photo: National Geographic Channel

Photo: National Geographic Channel
This is your brain on weed… according to the National Geographic Channel, anyway.