The Fumo Pipe: Cool Hits And Push-Button Convenience


Photo: Smoke Out Family
The innovative Fumo Pipe combines characteristics of a pipe, a steamroller, and a bong.

​​The Fumo Pipe is an innovative smoking device. You light it like a pipe, and push the button on top to clear the smoke like a steamroller.

Smoke is cooled within the billet body, which the makers say is a natural heat sink, and you can fill the chamber to the volume you desire. Push the button on the pipe to close off the bowl, and a rush of fresh air comes through and clears the chamber.
For serious smokers who want more volume than is provided by the standard 3-inch tube chamber, massive smoke volume capability is available with your choice of 6-, 9-, or 12-inch upgrades. The 6-inch tube chamber is $16, the 9-inch is $18, or if you want to go all in, the 12-inch upgrade tube chamber is $23. Replacement 3-inch chambers are also available for $14.

Fumo Pipes come in green, red, silver, or black, with custom laser work available for retailers (who can get their store logo on the pipes).
Customers can choose from brass or stainless steel bowl and carb for the pipe, with billet aluminum and treated stainless stell that has gone through passivation for impurity removal, according to the manufacturers.
If you don’t mind smoking through metal, this pipe offers nice action, good hits and easy cleaning (disassemble and wash in alcohol).
You can even chill The Fumo Pipe in the freezer for chilled-out hits.
“You can disassemble it and soak it overnight, or hand clean it,” said Mike at The Fumo Pipe. “The bowl unscrews, and the push button pops out. All the components can be soaked or hand cleaned, and the o-rings are Viton which are top of the line. They are chemical resistant, and can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees, meaning you can boil it, throw it in the dishwasher, or soak in alcohol complete. We do sell replacement o-rings, but you shouldn’t need them.”
 “You can soak the screens, or order more,” Mike said. “They are not the cheap screens that stretch and fall apart; they are stainless steel. We sell them on the website or ask your local retailer if you choose to buy new ones. We also have a cleaning tool available for the smaller hole through the body.”
The Fumo Pipe, made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty, has an MSRP of $79.95. If you can’t find it at your local dispensary or head shop, The Fumo Pipe is available postpaid for $84.99 at Items included will be one fumo pipe (choose color); one three-inch polycarbonate tube; one bowl with screen; one carb button assembly; a complete set if pre-installed viton o-rings; and two extra stainless steel screens.