Song of the Day: You Can Smoke As Much As You Like


Photo: Chief Greenbud

‚ÄčMusical artist Chief Greenbud has no problem openly advocating for cannabis, and his latest song and video on YouTube are no exception.

“You Can Smoke As Much As You Like” was written as a parody of Taco & Da Mofo’s cover of rapper T.I.’s song “Whatever You Like,” Greenbud told Toke of the Town.

“I was visiting Taco & Da Mofo’s website — they’re friends of mine from Memphis/Jackson, Tennessee — and they had a video on there for this song,” Greenbud told us. “I listened to it and was like, “Wow, this is a great song! These guys have a hit! I was sure of it.
“I know great songs and this was just great! I listened to it over and over again, like 20 times in a row,” Chief Greenbud told us. “And then I started hearing ‘Chief Greenbud’ words.
“It wasn’t until later that evening that I found out it was a song by the rapper T.I., and WAS a hit song! By that time, the parody was already on its way to being complete,” the Chief told us. “Then, of course, I had to call Taco and play it for him.

“This song is my fifth parody, and it really kind of fell out on the paper as I was listening to Taco’s version of the song,” Greenbud said. “It’s got such a catchy melody, I loved it. I would say it took, in total, maybe an hour to write and tweak the song.
“When I took it in to my producer, he just cracked up and pushed the song we were supposed to be recording back so we could do this one,” Greenbud told Toke of the Town. I made a quick video for YouTube with my webcam and put it online May 31.
“The response I have been getting has been so great, I may need to make a real video for the song!” Greenbud said.
To hear more of Chief Greenbud’s music, you can go to
“There is a music player with six full songs, links to all the social networks, as well as a little store where I sell my CDs (both real CDs and digital downloads), as well as other Chief Greenbud related merchandise (t-shirts, hats, bandanas, etc.)”, the Chief told us.