At Last! A Handy Visual Reference To Identify Stoners


If the dude’s long-haired, got a headband on, wearing a tie-dye, shooting a peace sign, and barefooted, he’s probably a damn pothead. Useful info! LOL.

It’s the only way to be sure. Here, my friends, are the tell-tale signs of “marijuana addiction.”
No, man, this isn’t from The Onion. These folks are serious!
Rehab programs nationwide are trying, you gotta give ’em that. And being businesses, they’re always working on new angles to attract new, well, business. 

One of the notable trends in that regard in recent months is that some of the rehab outfits have realized that marijuana is inevitably going to be legalized in the United States at some point. With that in mind, they’ve started marketing infographics regarding marijuana use — because they, of course, see this as an additional source of rehab revenue.
Sometimes, they’re pretty successful. Their desire to be taken seriously among the cannabis community motivates them to put substantial effort into actually getting their facts straight. For example, check this out, which was on-the-money enough to be used on Toke of the Town.
BUT. Sometimes they miss the mark by a wide margin. This detail, on how to identify “marijuana addicts,” is taken from a larger infographic which delves into how to spot abusers of various drugs — and it’s unintentionally hilarious.
Interesting side note: I called them on the “Chances of Death by Substance” being “1” out of 10 instead of “0.” Their PR person admitted it should have been listed as “0.”

0 marijuana deaths does not equal a 1-in-10 chance of death. It results in a 0-in-10 chance of death.