Ex-Mayor Gets 3 Months In Jail For Dealing Marijuana


Photo: Everett Herald
Floyd “Butch” DeRosia, pictured not long before he resigned as mayor in 2003

‚ÄčThe former mayor of Granite Falls, Washington was sentenced on Thursday to three months in jail for dealing marijuana.

Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Halley Hupp recommended a four-month sentence, but Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent knocked a month off that, plus agreed to let former Mayor Floyd “Butch” DeRosia serve his time on work release.
A jury last month convicted DeRosia of two counts of delivery of a controlled substance after a two-day trial. He had faced up to six months in jail.

DeRosia has no prior felony history, reports the Everett Herald.
The former mayor was among more than a dozen people rounded up last year as part of a two-year “investigation” into “drug trafficking” in Granite Falls. Most of the arrests involved selling marijuana, methamphetamine or prescription drugs, according to officials.
City cops worked undercover with detectives from the Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force and some sleazy-ass losers, I mean confidential informants.
DeRosia was accused of selling marijuana on two different occasions to undercover officers.
He served as mayor for two years before resigning in 2003 amid harassment allegations.
His arrest and conviction sparked an internal battle among Granite Falls officials which raged for months, reports Curtis Cartier at Seattle Weekly, and eventually led to the resignation of its police chief.