10,000-Plant Marijuana Farm Found In Oregon Forest


Photo: KVAL News
Sections of the Oregon forest were cleared to make way for the illegal marijuana plantation.

​Police seized what they claimed were more than 10,300 marijuana plants from an illegal plantation on privately owned forest land in northeastern Oregon on Wednesday. They claimed the crop was worth about $25 million.

Two men, ages 50 and 25, were arrested and jailed after police raided the grow site, reports KVAL.com.
The investigation began last week when a helicopter spotted the plants from the air. Law enforcement searched the rural property in Wallowa County, not far from the Washington and Idaho borders.
They said they found more than 10,300 plants ranging from three to five feet tall. All the plants have been destroyed, authorities claimed.

Officials said the grow had likely been ongoing “for many years” with the landowner being none the wiser.
Police claimed there was extensive environmental damage to the old-growth timber area, including “substantial amounts” of trash, chemical fertilizers and irrigation tubing littered about the forest. Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division is investigating what they are calling “multiple environmental crimes” that occurred at the site.
Arrested “without incident” were Manual Carrazco-Mendoza, 50, and Francisco Gallard-Carrasco, 25. Police said they haven’t confirmed from whence the two gentlemen hail.
They are being held at Union County Jail in La Grande on charges of unlawful “manufacture” and possession of marijuana.

Photo: KVAL News
The two men had constructed this makeshift shelter near the 10,300 plants.