Elliott At Hempfest: Believe Science, Not Marijuana Prohibition


After years of dreaming about it, last Friday — a week ago today — I spoke for the first time at Seattle Hempfest.

Yeah, it was as much fun as I had imagined. I packed all I possibly could into my allotted five minutes.
“Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott speaks to the Seattle Hempfest crowd about ‘Big Pharma’, prohibitionists telling a lot of lies and cannabis as a neuroprotectant,” YouTube uploader RestoreHemp said. “He urges people to seek out the scientific truth about marijuana for themselves and join the fight to end prohibition.
“Elliott finishes by showing how cannabis connects us to the past and to each other and also unites us with our human cultural history.”

I spoke just before 4:20 Saturday, and got in some of the same points as the day before, adding a little more about industrial hemp and how our (near) future society will be based on hemp’s non-toxic and sustainable energy sources.
My Saturday speech from the Seeley Stage was also captured on video and uploaded to YouTube by the wonderful coralfish19, also known as CoralReefer420 on Twitter.
At first, I only had 50 seconds of the Saturday speech, but then Coral uploaded almost the entire thing, running just over 4 minutes and 20 seconds. 🙂