250 Pounds Of Marijuana Found On Ventura County Beach


Photo: KTLA News
What authorities describe as a “drug smuggling boat” was found near the 250 pounds of marijuana on the beach near Point Mugu State Park.

‚ÄčPolice are investigating how 250 pounds of marijuana ended up scattered along a beach near Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County, California.

Ventura County fire crews were first called the scene after a report of gasoline containers floating on the water and on the beach near Big Sycamore Canyon Road, reports KTLA News.
Authorities did find a dozen large containers filled with gasoline. But that’s not all they found — also on the beach were numerous bricks of marijuana and scattered clothing items, according to  the sheriff’s department.

A badly damaged boat was later found grounded on rocks near Deer Creek.
Authorities said the panga-style boat, often used by smugglers, could hold three or four people.
Smugglers have been moving farther north to avoid border security, according to law enforcement officials.