Beleaf In Nature® Offers Medical Marijuana Apparel


Beleaf In Nature

​There’s clothing, and then there’s clothing that makes a statement.

Beleaf In Nature® clothing is the second kind; the company designs medicinally oriented apparel for the medical marijuana movement.
These aren’t your run-of-the-mill pot t-shirts; Beleaf In Nature has created some of the most unique art in the cannabis culture.
The shirts aren’t focused on individual strains, but capture the themes of Beleaf In Nature and Releaf Thru Nature with high-resolution animated characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Greenbuds, Dr. Greenbuds and the old classic American Gothic revisited.
“The history and culture of cannabis as a medicine and the necessary elements produced from cannabis is our unique approach,” sales guy Eric from Beleaf In Nature told Toke of the Town. “Our goal is to create a line of apparel that would make any patient proud to wear our tasteful designs and let the world know its time has arrived and I Beleaf In Nature!”

These shirts are comfortable, high-quality 100 percent cotton. The designs are heavy and durable, and not the kind that fade after just a few washings. (To make the design last longer, drip-dry the shirt rather than putting it in a dryer. Or if you use the dryer, at least turn the shirt inside out to maximize the life of the design.)
You can get your Beleaf In Nature designs by visiting; shirts are $22.95 each (XXL $23.95) plus shipping.

Beleaf In Nature
Three examples of the Beleaf In Nature line of shirts


Beleaf In Nature
Three examples of the Releaf Thru Nature shirts

Beleaf In Nature
Three examples of Mr and Mrs Greenbuds-themed shirts. (I picked the American Gothic one on the left.)