Man Caught With Marijuana… At Police Station


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The Argao police precinct station in Cebu, Philippines: Not a good place to bring your stash

​An Australian man was arrested when marijuana was found in his possession while he visited two female friends jailed at the Argao police precinct in Cebu, Philippines Saturday night.

Police said crushed, dried marijuana wrapped with tinfoil was recovered from Gary Frank Brough, who went to the Argao precinct around 9 p.m. to visit his two friends, who were being detained on theft charges, reports Jucell Marie P. Cuyos of the Inquirer News.
Brough wasn’t allowed to visit the two women since visiting hours are only from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., but police claim he “insisted on entering.”

Renato Nacaytuna, desk officer on duty at the time, noticed something bulging in the Australian’s pocket. (Is that a bag of weed, or are you just glad to see me?)
Brough was told to present the object in his pocket for inspection; Nacaytuna arrested the man upon discovering he was carrying cannabis.
The Australian admitted he had bought the marijuana for P3,000.
Police said charges of possession of illegal drugs will be filed against the man on Monday.
Brough is married to a Cebuana (resident of Cebu) and has been living in Barangay Langtad, Argao for the past three years, according to police.
The Aussie had already been in trouble two weeks ago, when a restaurant owner complained that Brough did not pay for the food he ordered, police said.