Hemp For Jobs: KC Hempfest This Saturday


KC Hempfest


​KC NORML Hosts Annual Hempfest this Saturday, September 17 In Hodge Park Beginning at High Noon
The annual KC Hempfest hits Kansas City this Saturday in Hodge Park. The event, sponsored by the Kansas City affiliate of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), is free and open to the public and will take place at the amphitheater located within the park.

Hempfest has been a late summer staple in Kansas City for the last several years. The event is designed to inform the public about the benefits of the hemp/marijuana plant.
This year’s theme is “Hemp for Jobs.”

Greg Terry, KC NORML: “There is money to be made from the production of hemp and the legalization of marijuana”

​”With unemployment rates at near record levels, and the economy doing as poorly as it is,” KC NORML Board Member Greg Terry said, “we wanted to take the opportunity available to us to let citizens know that there is money to be made from the production of hemp and the legalization of marijuana.”
According to The Emperor Wears No Clothes, authored by the late Jack Herer (to whom last year’s Hempfest was dedicated), there are hundreds of uses for the hemp plant – from textiles, to fuel, food, paper, and more.
“Those products,” Terry said, “are only the tip of a brand new industry, which could create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs. And jobs are something this country could really use right now.”
The event will consist of several sets of music by local bands from all over the Kansas City area, with long-time marijuana activists speaking to the crowd in between acts.
Scheduled speakers include Dan Viets, executive director of Missouri NORML, civil rights/liberties activist, and practicing criminal defense attorney from Columbia, MO; Brian Leininger, a Kansas City attorney and member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition); Amber Langston, campaign director of Show Me Cannabis, an organization trying to get a marijuana legalization initiative on the 2012 ballot; and Toni Bones, a member of the KC Hempfest Committee.
The event is family friendly and attendees are encouraged to bring their children, parents and friends.