Missouri Governor’s Son Cited For Marijuana Possession


Riverfront Times
Willson Nixon, 21, son of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, got busted for pot early Saturday morning.

​​The son of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was issued a citation for possession of marijuana early on Saturday.

Police officers claimed Willson Nixon, 21, tried to hide the weed after they were sent to a loud party at Brookside Apartments in Columbia, Missouri. Upon entering the complex, police claimed they detected an “overwhelming smell of marijuana in the hallway.” They also found multiple apartments with open doors.
“This is a private matter that will be handled through the municipal process,” the governor said, reports Mark Slavit at KCRG. “My son is a fine young man, and we will be working through this issue as a family.”
What would be even cooler, Governor, is if you “worked through this issue” as a STATE, and got Missouri’s nonsensical pot laws off the books.
“We’ve been getting calls about loud parties at this complex every weekend,” claimed Jill Wieneke, spokeswoman for the Columbia Police Department.

Cops claimed they stuck their heads in one of the lower-level apartments and reported seeing marijuana on a table in the apartment t. A young man, later identified as Willson Nixon, was at the table and allegedly tried to hide the weed.
They stepped into the apartment and apprehended Nixon under the “plain view doctrine” that allows law enforcement to enter a residence when a crime is visibly taking place, reports Chad Garrison at Riverfront Times.
Wieneke said officers didn’t know Nixon was the governor’s son, and he didn’t offer that information. But when officers started writing the ticket for possession, a friend told them who he was. They continued writing the ticket, also citing the friend for good measure.
The friend told KRCG that Willson Nixon does not live at the apartment, and the marijuana did not belong to him.
Both men were cited for possession of less than 35 grams of pot. Police claimed it was “active possession” because Nixon tried to hide the marijuana.
Police searched the rest of the apartment, but only found one pipe and a little alcohol.
Young Nixon will appear in court within the next six weeks, at which time he’ll face a fine and possible community service.
Gov. Nixon in July signed legislation requiring a mandatory drug test for people who apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, a program designed to help needy families so that children can be cared for in their own homes while parents prepare to work, reports Eric W. Dolan at The Raw Story.
That bill is “mean spirited and an embarrassment to our citizens,” wrote Alice Kitchen in a Kansas City Star op-ed. Kitchen isn’t a cannabis advocate; in fact, she’s founder of the Kansas City Task Force on Drug Affected Families. She pointed out that the bill mandates a treatment program but does not fund the programs — forcing poor people to pay for their own forced “rehab.”
“The only entities that stand to benefit are the drug-testing companies,” she correctly wrote.