Marijuana Truck Crashes; Bystanders Scoop Up Free Pot


Photo: NBC Bay Area

​​You should have been there, man. Marijuana lying everywhere on the street for the taking, and no cops around.

San Jose, California police said a white truck illegally carrying marijuana crashed and turned over on its side near Oakridge Mall early on Wednesday, scattering large bags of weed through the intersection as the driver shagged ass out of there on foot.
Several motorists and pedestrians who were lucky enough to be at the scene ran out and grabbed most of the marijuana and took off before police arrived, reports Mike Rosenberg of the Silicon Valley Mercury News.


​When the cops did show up, the collected the few remaining bags of pot left at the scene and found a loaded handgun inside the truck. They’re still looking for the driver and all the people who snatched up the bags of pot.
Good luck with that, man. They have no suspect descriptions whatsoever.
It’s unclear how or why the truck crashed at Blossom Hill Road and Playa Del Rey in South San Jose about 12:50 a.m., but no other vehicles were involved in the crash, which ended with the truck on its side on the middle of the intersection.