These Hand Wipes Are Specifically Made For Pot-Pipe Resin


Rezzy Wipes, infused with coconut oil, come in a resealable zip-lock bag.

‚ÄčNo matter your chosen field of endeavor, there are products available to make your life easier and more convenient. That’s right; it’s called “luxury,” and it’s no different for cannabis enthusiasts.

Now there are hand-cleaning wipes available specifically designed to remove marijuana resin from your fingers after cleaning your pot pipes. Yep, just when you were ready to anoint yourself as the Stoner Who Has Everything…

“No more smelly rezzy fingers!” Rezzy Wipes promises, and after having tried them, I can say they definitely work.
Rezzy Wipes, infused with coconut oil, come in a resealable zip-lock bag. I found that one wipe can be used after multiple pipe-cleaning sessions and retain its effectiveness.

The guys at Rezzy Wipes say that they, like you, have struggled for years trying to clean their hands after cleaning their smoking devices. Soap and water, as you’ve probably learned, just aren’t very effective when it comes to sticky pipe resin. Rubbing alcohol, while it removes the resin from your hands, also isn’t doing your skin any favors, and it makes you smell like a hospital.
According to Rezzy Wipes, theirs is “the only product on the market designed specifically for the tough task of breaking up and removing smelly smoke resins from your skin.” Besides removing the resin, yes, the wipes remove that smell as well.
The coconut oil which is infused into the 7″x10″ Rezzy Wipes does the job; after helping to remove the resin from your fingers, it is naturally absorbed into the skin. However, you should be cautious as coconut oil will stain fabrics.
A three-pack of Rezzy Wipes costs $1.49 plus $2 shipping and handling. You can buy them here.