A&E’s Bordertown: Laredo On The Drug War’s Front Lines


A small unit, the Laredo Police Department Narcotics Unit takes on dangerous drug cases usually reserved for federal agencies. They seem not to realize that their entire occupation is a moronic waste of everyone’s time and especially of our precious tax dollars, and that at the end of this stupid Drug War they’ll all be flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s.

‚ÄčBordertown: Laredo, a new reality show coming up on A&E, is supposed to be a “real-time report” from one of the most violent fronts in America’s so-called “War On Drugs” (which, like all wars, is actually a war on people).

The 10-part series premieres on A&E this Thursday at 10 p.m., and was produced by Al Roker (yep, that weather guy from the Today show).
The show follows a mostly Latino narcotics unit on the U.S.-Mexican border.
Laredo residents have reportedly already voiced their displeasure with the show, which apparently doesn’t portray their city in a very flattering fashion.

If you can stomach a full hour of macho ass-wig narcotics cops like Investigator Rodriguez here, maybe you’ll enjoy this show.

Make no mistake about it, these narcs love their work. “I’m living the dream,” said Sergeant Sifuentes, the longest-tenured member of the Narcotics division in Laredo, having served in the unit since 1999. “Picking my criminal targets and taking them off the streets. It’s making a real difference that I like.”
The only “difference” I can see you’re making, Sergeant, is making taxpayers poorer while having absolutely no impact on drug use or availability. What’s to “like” about that, Sergeant Sifuentes? Or are you too fucking dimwitted to even notice, big guy?
If you can handle an hour of these gung-ho, bullshit-macho police types self-righteously portraying themselves as big heroes for destroying people’s lives and property as they are “fighting” the biggest bullshit waste of money war in U.S. history… then you might find this show to your liking.
If, on the other hand, you have as low a tolerance as do I for asshole narcotics officers, you might wanna stay away.
You can check out A&E’s Bordertown: Laredo site by clicking here.