The Green Cross Responds To Marijuana Dispensary Crackdown


Luke Thomas/Fog City Journal
Founder/president Kevin Reed of The Green Cross: “The Green Cross will act no differently today or tomorrow, than we did a month ago”

​The founder and president of The Green Cross, a medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco, responded on Monday to the recently announced federal crackdown on cannabis dispensaries, saying the collective “will act no differently today or tomorrow, than we did a month ago.”

“Following the release of the Cole Memo earlier this summer, the United States Department of Justice announced their intention to ‘crack down’ on medical cannabis dispensaries across the state of California,” Reed told members of The Green Cross collective in a Monday email. “At a press conference last Friday in Sacramento, US Attorneys reminded us that federal law prohibits the use and distribution of cannabis for any purpose regardless of state law, and, outlined heightened enforcement techniques tailored for each of California’s US Attorney districts.

“In the Northern District, which includes San Francisco, US Attorney Melinda Haag said enforcement efforts will focus on dispensaries located near schools, parks, and other places where children gather,” Reed said. “Employing a tactic used during the George W. Bush Administration, she sent letters to landlords threatening up to 40 years in federal prison and property forfeiture unless they evict medical cannabis dispensaries in the next 45 days.

The Green Cross
Meltdown, available from The Green Cross, is a sun-grown hybrid from Santa Cruz County with a citrus/sour/pine scent.

​”Medical marijuana advocacy organizations, including Americans for Safe Access and the Drug Policy Alliance, have denounced these threats and the use of tactics not seen since before President Obama took office,” Reed said. “Senator Mark Leno and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, the two Democrat state legislators who represent San Francisco, also criticized this attempt to circumvent state and local law in California.
“While The Green Cross appreciates the Obama Administration was careful to underscore that enforcement would target collectives — not patients — this continued posturing falls short of the leadership the President promised during his campaign and in the initial days of his Presidency,”  Reed said. “Fifteen years after California adopted Prop. 215, it is hard to believe that the Federal Government continues to deny scientific evidence, the will of voters, and the duly enacted laws of several states and local governments.
“The Green Cross has not received any indication that we are now, or have ever been, a target for federal enforcement,” Reed said. “We are not located near schools or any other place where children play. We operate in clear compliance with state and local laws. And, we are committed to our patients – not profits. For these reasons, The Green Cross will act no differently today or tomorrow, than we did a month ago.
“The only way to fight is to stay the course!” Reed said. 
“Until federal law changes it is important to remember that we are not an industry, we are a movement!” Reed said. “It’s high time for medical cannabis advocates to demand that Congress and the Administration work with state and local governments to protect and advance safe access.”
According to Reed, here are three ways you can push back against federal attacks: 

Join White House Call Campaign:  On Tuesday, October 11, thousands of medical cannabis advocates across the nation will dial the White House at 202.456.1111 to demand President Obama not to waste federal resources to interfere with state medical marijuana laws.
Contact your U.S. Representative: Ask for their support on HR 1983, the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act.  
Support of The Green Cross’ application for a permit ASAP. Letters may be emailed to the Planning Commission via Sharon Lai at [email protected].  Please reference “The Green Cross: Application #2010-0223-0782”