Clinic, Collectives Cooperate To Kick Off Cannabis Classes


The Money Times

​​A Seattle medical marijuana recommendation clinic has joined forces with several local collectives to offer free and reduced cost educational classes to their patients.

“We wanted to offer the best training, wellness, and educational services to the access points that exemplify the best practices and standards for the industry in the Seattle area,” said director Greta Carter of the C.A.R.E. Medical Group of Seattle.
Seattle metro area collectives joining CARE to present the classes include The CPC; Conscious Care Cooperative in Ballard, Lake City and Aurora; Green Hope in Shoreline; The Dockside in Fremont; The Joint Cooperative in the University District; and NWRPC in West Seattle, according to Carter.
“With the belief that education is an important key to the success of any healthcare program, the C.A.R.E. Loyalty Program will allow patients from different medical cannabis access points to learn about a variety of topics from cooking with medical cannabis to the laws that protect the rights of patients, providers, and healthcare providers,” reads a Tuesday press release from CARE.

In addition, CARE is now offering alternative wellness classes for their registered patients and guests.
“We have a strong concern for our patients’ overall health, so the decision to make available yoga classes and massage therapy is an exciting process,” Carter said. “We want to highlight the many different facets of Eastern wellness principles.”
With the new offering of wellness classes that can provide immediate benefits to their clients, Greta said she and the rest of the CARE staff want to show that they are more than just a cannabis recommendation clinic.
“We understand the image of the medical cannabis organizations in the area is dependent on those of us serving to set a good example,” Carter said. “Our principles are on the wellness and quality of life for the patients that come through our doors, and we know that these additional services will provide that to them.”
The group said it plans to add other classes and wellness services “as the need and opportunity arise.”
Visit for the latest on education and wellness classes and services available.
The schedule of education and wellness classes and services has also been updated for the upcoming months.
• Yoga classes started in October and will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 p.m. “We ask that you bring your own mat, as this will be a traditional class,” the press release says.
• Massage therapy is available by appointment; call CARE at 206-706-2686 to schedule your appointment. Medical cannabis topical oils can be used during the massage process for registered medical cannabis patients.
• BudTender: a 1.5-day class that CARE says “provides the student with an overarching education of medical cannabis.” Digging into subject matter that will prepare students for assisting patients in an informed and professional manner. The class is designed to give the student an understanding of cultivation, cooking and infused products, the law both federal and local, how to handle the various products, what the effects are of the different types of the most common cannabinoids, the correct and professional way in which to talk about medical cannabis and how to generally meet and exceed the needs of patients.
• The Art of Masssage: Students can learn the techniques of how to give a good massage to partners and family members from CARE’s own licensed massage therapist. Nick will go over the basic muscle groups, pressure points and techniques to help you, and how to help your partner unwind.
• Stress Management: “A seminar directed to helping you get your life back!”, according to CARE. How to stay healthy, and how to say no; meditation exercises will also be covered. According to CARE, students should dress comfortably and bring a mat or blanket for non strenuous relaxation work.
Check out CARE’s Education and Wellness Calendar for a full list of all classes. If you are ready, you may register and prepay through Google Checkout. Discounts apply for C.A.R.E. patients and those who are members of their new Loyalty Program. See the registration form for more details.