Arizona Legislator Wants To Ban The Term ‘Medical Marijuana’


Tucson Citizen
Arizona, this is your “leadership”: mental pygmy Rep. Bob Robson (R-Chandler) doesn’t believe in medical marijuana, so he wants to remove the term from all bills which contain it.

‚ÄčArizona voters approved medical marijuana back in 2010. But there’s no such thing, insists GOP state Rep. Bob Robson, and he not only wants his fellow lawmakers to stop using that term; he wants it struck from all bills which reference it.

“We’re already tacitly committing this body to recognizing something that doesn’t really exist,” said Robson, a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives hailing from Chandler.
He’s urging that the term be struck from all bills that contain the words “medical marijuana.”
Why, exactly, does the term need to be summarily removed from the English language, pray tell?
Robson argues that because he personally has never seen any studies that prove marijuana has medical properties (although one feels safe in guessing Rep. Robson’s intellectual explorations have been, shall we say, rather limited), the term should never be used. (Granny Storm Crow [PDF], call home.)

Robson — an insurance salesman by trade — didn’t explain how he acquired his sudden medical expertise.
“Never mind that voters in 2010 added the term to the state’s legal lexicon, or that voters did the same thing in 1996 and 1998, only to have the laws bollixed up with legal challenges,” drily noted The Arizona Republic‘s “Political Insider.”