Video of the Day: Criminal (How Can It Be) by Whitney Glover


Whitney Glover
Whitney Glover of Alabama wrote and sings the medical marijuana anthem “Criminal (How Can It Be).”

​Our Toke of the Town Video of the Day comes from Alabama artist Whitney Glover.

Whitney’s a talented singer/songwriter who’s also a multi-instrumentalist. She told Toke of the Town she’s been playing since the age of 4, counting the guitar, banjo, piano, and drums among her many musical talents.

Whitney’s song “Criminal (How Can It Be)” is a thoughtful and poignant look at the insanity of denying safe, natural herbal medication to patients who need it.
If you’d like to see more of Whitney’s performances, you can visit her main channel on YouTube, Singing4Whitney, and her political channel, Singing4Harmony.

“Criminal (How Can It Be)”
What do you really want to hear?
Would you listen to truth, if it argued with you?

Whitney Glover

​What do you really want to see?
Cause it just might be more, than what you bargained for.
How is it criminal?
When it’s safe and natural.
How can something be wrong,
that gives the sick a chance to be strong?
How can something be denied, that will give many a better way of life?
How is it criminal?
What does freedom really mean to you?
Would you stand up and fight, turn a wrong into a right?
Who will change things if we don’t try?
Cause the ones that really pay,
Are the ones that can’t afford to wait.
…..How is it criminal? (repeat chorus)
~ Whitney Glover