CannCast Now Includes Marijuana Concentrates And Infusibles

0, which provides medical marijuana provider-to-dispensary connections, has now added cannabis concentrates and infused products to their website. By expanding their service, CannCast said it “aims to streamline getting these important medicines to the patients that need them.”

The service allows medical marijuana providers to list what they have available, dispensaries to list what their patients are requesting, and both parties to search by strain. By easily connecting providers with dispensaries which actually need their medicine, CannCast says it greatly decreases wasted time and effort on both sides.
Previously, the site had focused only on cannabis flowers. Now, it can be used by providers of concentrates and infused products, too.

The new, expanded service lets providers of a wide range of marijuana infusibles list their medicinal products. Baked goods, chocolates, candies, butter, beverages, tinctures, lotions, capsules, and cartridges are some of the items that can now be listed on

Erik Miller, CEO, CannCast: “In an industry with many difficulties, the path from provider to patient just became one step simpler”

​In addition, concentrates including kief, wax, hash and oil are also now supported by the site.
In turn, dispensaries can now request particular concentrates and infused products. When a dispensary knows that their patients need specific medicines, they can search, find what they are looking for, and set up an appointment with the provider.
“In an industry with many difficulties, the path from provider to patient just became one step simpler,” said Erik Miller, CEO of CannCast. “At the end of the day, this is all about providing safe access for medical cannabis patients, and with CannCast’s new infusible and concentrate listings, patients win.”
The expanded concentrate and infusible product service already includes several premier providers including MedWest, authorized distributors of the AtmosRx™ vaporizer pens and cartridges. MedWest also provides other cannabis medicines including CannaTabs™, fast-acting sublingual pills made by infusing sugar with MedWest’s organic Honey Oil.
CannCast currently serves California only, but will open in Colorado “within the next few months,” according to its creators.

CannCast says its mission is to “optimize industry processes through the use of online strategies and industry experience.”
The company facilitates meetings between medical cannabis dispensaries and providers through search and discovery based on specific cannabis strains.
“Our unique features allow users to predict supply and demand trends using real-time and historical information, and take a proactive approach to medicine inventory,” the company says in a press release. “Our vision is to bring greater predictability to the medical cannabis industry, in order to provide dependable and safe patient access to the medicine they need.”