Kentucky Marijuana Bill Named In Honor Of Gatewood Galbraith


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Kentucky’s new medical marijuana bill bears the name of the great Gatewood Galbraith


By Michael Bachara

Legislation that would make cannabis a Schedule II drug — and thus legal for doctors to prescribe — was introduced on January 31 in the Kentucky State Senate. Senate Bill 129, sponsored by Senator Perry B. Clark (D-Louisville), is being titled the “Gatewood Galbraith Memorial Medical Marijuana Act.”
Galbraith was a prominent lawyer from Kentucky and an avid supporter of cannabis legalization. He dedicated more than 40 years to the restoration of the cannabis plant. He died last month from complications of pneumonia.
“Marijuana has positive medical benefits for patients dealing with illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS, to name a few,” Sen. Clark said. “I want to allow this as another treatment option for those individuals.”

SB 129 would limit patients who are prescribed cannabis from possessing more than five ounces per month. The patient could choose to fill their prescription at a board-certified pharmacy or to grow their own plants. Patients deciding to cultivate plants would be prohibited from growing more than five at one time.
Gatewood’s daughter, Molly Galbraith, for many years watched her father fight to legalize hemp and marijuana. “He was talking about protecting our civil liberties, finding alternative fuel sources, boosting Kentucky’s economy, and helping ease the pain of the sick and dying and ease the massive burden of ever-increasing healthcare costs,” she recently posted online. “In my opinion, this is an incredible way to honor my dad.”
“Gatewood possessed incredible insight,” said longtime friend D. Paul Stanford. “He could see the truth and he educated us about liberty and the multipurpose utility of hemp. He taught Willie Nelson, me and many others about hemp seed oil as a biodiesel fuel. History will show he was ahead of his time.”
Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio are currently looking at legislation to allow cannabis for medical use, or decriminalization of small amounts. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia already have medical marijuana laws in place.
Many patients in the Commonwealth of Kentucky would be helped by this change to the classification of marijuana. Hemp News encourages patients to create a grassroots movement behind this bill.
Please contact Senator Perry B. Clark (D), Senate District 37, and let him know you support his effort to honor Gatewood. Now’s the time!

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