Deuvall Runs For TX House On Marijuana Legalization Platform


John Parr
Clif Deuvall speaks to the crowd at Portland Hempstalk 2011

​A Texas man running as an Independent for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives includes ending cannabis prohibition as a prominent point in his campaign.

Clifford “Clif” Deuvall of Waco, a decorated military veteran and longtime community leader in Central Texas, has his sights set on the District 56 seat in the Texas House, and he brings a plethora of experience to the table.
Unlike many other politicians who have shied away from the issue, Deuvall — founder of Waco NORML — proudly supports marijuana legalization, and he can tell you exactly why.
“Prohibition and the disparity associated with it has cost the Texas taxpayers, youth, and families enough,” he said. “Texas prohibition was written capriciously, arbitrarily, and with discriminatory overtones directed toward the Hispanic community.
“A discriminatory-structured law must not remain on the law books of Texas,” Deuvall said.

Beyond the injustice of discriminatory marijuana prohibition laws, Deuvall takes strong exception to the persecution and prosecution of medicinal cannabis patients in the Lone Star State. The candidate himself told the Waco Tribune-Herald back in 2009 that he uses marijuana to relieve chronic pain related to his disabilities.

Clif Deuvall: “Sad to think cannabis consumers are utterly trash to the courts”

​”In Texas one can become the cornerstone of the newest prison, just wanting a better quality of life,” he said. “Sad to think cannabis consumers are utterly trash to the courts, yet pedophiles take years to prosecute.
“I’ve lost two sons to cancer,” Deuvall said. “We must fight this deadly disease, using any methods available, especially cannabis oils.
“Now I know the health benefits related to the use of cannabis,” Deuvall said. “It’s not just for getting ‘high,’ but the medical benefits are overwhelming. Cannabis is a natural immune booster, is a neuroprotectant in the body, and has properties to help cure most cancers.
“I believe the government owes a hell of a lot of families, across America, a huge apology,” Deuvall said. “I’ll be introducing a full re-legalization bill for 2013, medical, industrial, and recreational.”
Another major issue for the candidate is the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution and states’ rights.
“I’ve always thought the 10th Amendment is a vital part of having individual states’ rights,” Deuvall said. “States should have the right to establish their own laws according to the will of the people of each individual state.”