Firm Developing Diagnostic Tool For Medical Marijuana Treatment


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​A California company has announced development of a USB‐enabled diagnostic support device designed to help patients suffering from critical illnesses such as cancer, to match the most effective plant variants for physician-­recommended medical marijuana treatments.
The device, according to BG Medical Technologies, based in Los Angeles, will collect patient data in a non-­‐invasive manner by detecting subtle shifts in the patient’s physiology and then upload encrypted data to HIPAA­‐compliant servers for further analysis and physician review.
Physicians will interact with patients and data history through a bundled video conferencing application. This will offer patients the ability to discreetly pursue medical marijuana treatment from the privacy of their home, according to BG Medical.

For states with telemedicine restrictions, services will be made available for use within physician offices. According to BG, the system also seeks to improve medical marijuana treatment programs by involving physicians more than once per year to better evaluate treatment effectiveness and applicability.

Bud Genius

​According to the company, the diagnostic support system works in tandem with BG Medical’s laboratory research and ongoing data collection to identify marijuana strains that present the most beneficial ratios of medicinal compounds that are likely to best serve the patient’s needs. Medicine locator services will also be used to locate cannabis strains currently available within the patient’s travel radius.
BudGenius services will continue to be expanded with new features to support the diagnostic system development, and will be further enhanced with new technology partnerships. BG Medical said that this announcement fulfills another component of their “natural medicine trifecta”, an empirical data approach to administering natural medical marijuana treatments, as detailed in their product strategy guide.
“While our competitors are seeking to create pharmaceuticals that divide and isolate the helpful compounds in cannabis, we will continue to focus on systems that support treatments with organically developed medicines that are genetically predisposed to treat specific ailments in their natural form,” adds Angel Stanz, CEO.
“In the shadow of a failed healthcare system rife with expensive and toxic treatments, we believe the convergence of nature and Internet technologies will form the future of affordable preventative and curative medicine,” Stanz said.
The USB hardware device is based upon technologies previously authorized by the FDA to enter clinical trials for the determining its effectiveness in breast cancer diagnosis. BG Medical Technologies will seek FDA approval of the final hardware implementation as a diagnostic support device.

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