Marijuana Odor Overpowers Police Station


​Cannabis 1, Cops 0

The strong odor of marijuana from the evidence room at a local police station in Florida seems to be a real problem for some whiny cops.

“The biggest complaint is how strong the odor is,” said Atlantic Beach Police Commander Victor Gualillo, reports
All seized dope collected during busts is stored in a 200-square-foot evidence room at the station.
“Anytime you store that much marijuana it’s rather pungent,” Commander Gualillo complained.
But it seems you count on this bunch of overwrought weenies to dramatize the situation way beyond just the smell. They’re talking about “doing something” before “somebody gets hurt.” 

“I’m told there are serious health concerns,” claimed Atlantic Beach City Manager Jim Hanson about all the collected drugs in the evidence room.
“There are other evidence technicians who have gotten sick,” Hanson claimed.
Who’s willing to bet most of the cops who “got sick” from the evidence did so after snorting up a few lines of Peruvian flake, or huffing some fat rails of mean trailer-park methamphetamine?
In any event, these Florida cops — mindful of the infamously sweltering, humid summers to come — aren’t going to miss an opportunity like this to get a new ventilation system.
They’re whining about the “aging” system in the 25-year-old building, and now plan to spend $6,000 on a brand new industrial size air filtration system, as they expect there’ll be plenty more marijuana and other illegal drugs ending up in that evidence room.
And now they’re talking about $5 million for a complete new building. Amazing the drama these porkers can wring out of a little herbal essence.