Miley Cyrus Spotted Shopping At A Marijuana Dispensary

Miley Cyrus, in the shorts, and an unidentified female friend leave Therapeutic Health Care, a medical marijuana dispensary in Sherman Oaks, California

Pop tart and self-proclaimed “stoner” Miley Cyrus was photographed leaving a medical marijuana dispensary in Sherman Oaks, California, with a friend this week. Hey Miley, are you about ready to stick up for weed, yet?

Cyrus, 19, was looking casual but hot in denim cut-offs and a Pat Benatar t-shirt when got some paparazzi shots of her and a female friend exiting Therapeutic Health Care. Miley didn’t seem to be very worried about being spotted outside the dispensary; after all, medicinal cannabis is legal in California for anyone with a doctor’s authorization.
Therapeutic Health Care (THC, get it?) is listed on as selling ounces of OG Kush indica for $18 a gram, $50 an eighth, $90 a quarter, $140 a half, or $280 an ounce. Oddly, no other strains are listed.

​Cyrus has gotten a pothead’s reputation after a video from her 19th birthday party was leaked onto the web.
“You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake — you know you smoke way too much fuckin’ weed,” Cyrus joked to her friends in the video.
Cyrus was also captured on video hitting a bong at a friend’s house, but claimed she was smoking salvia, a legal hallucinogenic herb, and continued to deny she smokes weed.
Her close friend, Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy’s daughter) even tweeted in her defense, “if Miley isn’t recording/filming/touring, she works every day. How could she possibly do all that if she was a stoner?”
Umm, Kelly? I’d imagine the same the way rest of us do, dear. Ask Ozzy; he can tell you.