Lowest Priority Cannabis Enforcement: Signature Gathering Begins In WA


Sensible Washington

Recently the cannabis advocacy group Sensible Washington announced it was filing initiatives making marijuana the lowest law enforcement priority in six cities throughout Washington State. Now signature gathering drive has begun in three of those cities: Olympia, Everett and Bremerton.
“It is our goal to get these quickly on the ballot, as to effectively run a successful campaign to pass these initiatives into law,” said Anthony Martinelli of Sensible Washington.
If put on the ballot and passed, these initiatives, all titled the Marijuana Reform Act of 2012, will make cannabis the lowest law-enforcement priority, and also prohibit city and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal authorities over the implementation of federal cannabis policies.

All of these city-wide efforts were recently endorsed by Washington State Representative (and U.S. Congress candidate) Roger Goodman, official Spokesman of Seattle’s I-75, as well as Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon.
Each of the initiatives is now available in PDF form  at www.sensiblewashington.org (go to the 2012 City Initiative tab at the top).
“In the coming days we will also have initiative PDFs available for Kent, Spokane and Bellingham,” Martinelli told Toke of the Town. “As well, we will be announcing further cities soon.”
If you have questions regarding these efforts, are interested in getting involved, or are interested in help running an initiative your city, e-mail goinglocal@sensiblewashington.org.