Marijuana Activists Eye Dumanis Fundraiser April 15


Bonnie D.A.’Mantis
San Diego County D.A. Bonnie Dumanis: Despite a pledge to respect California’s medical marijuana laws, she has waged an urelenting war against cannabis patients and providers 

Don’t any of you marijuana-intoxicated reprobates dare crash this exclusive fundraiser for the well-heeled backers of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and her run for Mayor of San Diego. I know, I know: She’s been one of the worst enemies imaginable to cannabis patients who want safe access, and has engaged in a vituperative campaign to shut down every collective and access point in the county.

Despite a pledge to respect California’s medical marijuana laws, Dumanis has waged an unrelenting war against cannabis patients and providers.

But keep in mind, cannabis-head, this is a very private, invitation-only fundraiser that Bonnie — a vocal foe of medical marijuana dispensaries — is having at the home of billionaire Irwin Jacobs (of Qualcomm fortune).
Whatever you do, don’t show up at the Jacobs’ home to protest, and don’t post this far and wide on websites everywhere to get as many protesters there as possible.
And for heaven’s sakes, don’t share and email this to as many people as possible.

We must show self restraint, despite the fact that I’m sure billionaire Jacobs would just love to know how many people do not like Bonnie. It might upset the well-to-do Mr. Jacobs if a bunch of protesters are actually outside his super-expensive, multi-million-dollar mega mansion, telling Bonnie she is not wanted for mayor. What makes you think they need riffraff like you on their palatial La Jolla estate, anyway?
Have some manners, would you?!
Please Join
Joan & Irwin Jacobs
Iris and Matthew Strauss

for brunch
to support

San Diego County District Attorney
and her San Diego Mayoral Campaign

Sunday, April 15
11:00 am – 1:00 pm


The home of Irwin Jacobs
2710 Inverness Court
La Jolla, CA 92037