Bill O’Reilly Is Clueless About Marijuana (With Video)


Fox News Insider
Bill O’Reilly: “This Marijuana Policy Project devotes its life to try and convince you to get stoned and inebriated. That’s a nice cause.”

Right-wing political commentator Bill O’Reilly on Thursday’s show highlighted the Marijuana Policy Project’s “Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users” list. But — being, after all, Bill O’Reilly — he didn’t leave it at that. He then started on a rant, joined by his vacuous co-hosts, about the supposed evils and deadly health risks associated with using cannabis.

“Apparently, these folks didn’t quite get the message,” wrote Morgan Fox of MPP. “O’Reilly seems to think that MPP just wants everyone to use marijuana, and that the organization ‘devotes its life to trying to convince you to get stoned and inebriated.’
“What he fails to understand, and what many supporters of prohibition refuse to believe, is that marijuana reform is not about getting high,” Fox wrote. “It is about changing our obviously failed policies that put non-violent adults in jail while making it easier for young people to obtain.”

Fox pointed out that O’Reilly and his equally clueless co-hosts didn’t understand the message behind the list, which is that these influential cannabis users might not be where they are today, if they had been jailed for using marijuana.
“How much human potential are we squandering when we arrest three quarters of a million people for marijuana possession every year, saddling them with a criminal record that limits their educational options and job opportunities?” Fox asked.
Not content to entirely miss the point of the Top 50 Marijuana Users list, the three talking heads then went off on a surreal tangent of absurd “talking points” about how cannabis is deadly and will turn you into a zombie.
“They covered all the bases, too, from the debunked gateway theory (thanks to clueless bubble-headed bleached blond Gretchen Carlson) to the ‘lazy stoner’ myth,” Fox wrote.
“It really is pretty said, considering a brief look at MPP’s website would have clarified our mission for O’Reilly and provided all of them with actual scientific research on the effects of marijuana,” Fox wrote. “And we’re the lazy ones?”