Cannabis Cards Honor Marijuana Culture’s Remarkable People


Cannabis Cards

Marijuana culture has thousands of unique artifacts which can be found nowhere else. The flowering of cannabis creativity which exploded with the hippie movement in the late 1960s shows no signs of abating.

Cannabis Cards, based in Mendocino, California, are very collectable examples of this culture. The purpose of the cards is to honor remarkable people associated with marijuana who have influenced the cultural development of society as a whole in some important way, be it as medicine, religious sacrament, social glue, cultural engine or creative spark.
Among those included are revolutionaries, artists, musicians, activists, athletes, comedians, presidents and queens; using colorful original portraits and biographical information, Cannabis Cards inspire as they inform. Each trading card paints a picture and tells a story of the person, the historical period and their legacy.

The Cannabis Cards, each 2.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall, highlight a gallery of marijuana legends whose influence has helped shape the world. They constitute the “First Edition” of Encycloweedia, which is scheduled to be released soon, according to the publishers.

Cannabis Cards

Each color portrait is original, as seen through the eyes of illustrator Frederick Sternkopf, also known as Dr. Doo. Sternkopf’s art has a certain propensity for caricature; don’t expect flattering likenesses of icons such as Queen Victoria, Gertrude Stein, and Lenny Bruce, but do expect to be entertained.
Major cultural influences throughout history from Abraham Lincoln to Bob Marley, Frida Kahlo and Willie Nelson are included. Text and editing are by Pebbles Trippet and graphic art is by Ralf Laguna.
The first 22 Cannabis Cards are exclusively Sternkopf’s artwork; starting with #23A, Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, a switch was made to photographs of those being depicted, a trend which has continued with #24A, Fred Gardner; #25A, Pebbles Trippet; and #26A, Vivian McPeak.
You can get a five-card set of Cannabis Cards for $10, or a 10-card set for $15 ($2 shipping and handling at the Cannabis Cards Trading Store. Also available at the Store are 8.5″x11″ art prints ($4 each), and t-shirts ($20).