Celebrity Stoners: Famous High Flyers Influence Pop Culture


Rihanna has never sought to hide the fact that she’s an avid pot smoker

By Cannabliss
Cannabis has long had a resounding influence in the celebrity culture. Whether it be through its influence in music or merely as the recreational herb of choice for a variety of celebrities. That said, whether or not it’s just their personal choice of self-medication or something they actively fight for the rights of they are clearly having an influence on society through their profile and status and influence on their fans.
Here we look at some modern celebrities and some from the past that have had an influence on people’s views of pot for better or worse…   
Rihanna and the ‘Virtues’ of Pot
One from the modern here, Rihanna has never sought to hide the fact that she is a keen pot smoker. On several occasions she has been photographed partaking in a joint and on a couple of occasions being forcibly removed from hotels for smoking pot in her room.
However, while people will say that she is negatively influencing the young generation with her open drug use, it hardly extends beyond the occasional pot t shirt or tweet about “Kush” that gets blown up in the media. 
What she has done recently is promote a book she is reading (via Twitter) called Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide To Gettin’ It On, a book all about mastery of marijuana stimulated sex. Such viewpoints on the use of marijuana and sex have been swept under the prudish rug in the past but it seems now that more open views of marijuana and female sexuality walk hand in hand.
A sex-mad Rihanna who tokes!? There is a god.

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Lady Gaga blazed up onstage at a recent gig in Amsterdam

Lady Gaga and the Influence Taboo
Lady Gaga also has an open advocacy for the right to smoke the herb. At a recent gig in Amsterdam she blazed up on stage and extolled the virtues of smoking pot, saying how it had “changed her life” and how “wondrous marijuana” had “been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music.”
Clearly she feels that marijuana has been an influential spark to her creativity.
While many greater musicians have come before who have clearly had some form of drug influence to their music, few have been able to openly admit and promote it in such a way. It shows the changing influence of show business that this is able to happen so blatantly now. Whether you’re for or against such advocacy, it seems that the profile of pot is far less taboo than it once was and Lady Gaga is the perfect example of that. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Pot Drive

Arnie openly smoked weed in the 1977 bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron”

While Arnold Schwarzenegger has never sought to actively promote the use of pot, it became apparent in recent years (through outtakes of old fitness videos) that he was certainly for a time a fan of smoking some seriously big bud.
What big Arnie has really done for pot is, to a degree, to dispel the rumours and stereotypes of stoners with no drive wasting their life away. Almost like some politician saw Cheech and Chong and thought it was a documentary. 
The idea of a slovenly stoner being incapable of even the most remedial of jobs Arnie for being somewhat of a stoner, went from a military tank commander to professional bodybuilder, to one of the world’s most successful actors and then into politics to become, for a time, Senator of California.
Not bad for a stoner.  
Bob Marley and the War on Hate

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Bob Marley’s relationship with weed went far beyond a hobby

Few musicians have ever come close to the influence that Bob Marley exuded through his music and philosophies.
The man was a true advocate of peace and love and an avid fan of cannabis.
In fact Marley’s relationship with weed went far beyond a hobby as it embodied his Rastafarian beliefs of equality and brotherhood. 
He saw weed as more than a way of altering the mind but also affecting the soul.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”
Bob Marley’s message will echo through history and his inspirational words have become a major factor in the modern perception of marijuana, how it carries the messages he strove to portray to us all.
Snoop Dogg and his Bowl

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Snoop has been arrested on several occasions for possession, but seems to shrug off every encounter as a mere inconvenience

Few purveyors of weed have come close to the blatant form of promotion in which Snoop Dogg takes pride.
The man seems to exude the calming and laid-back aspects of the true weed connoisseur that is in equal measures portrayed through himself and his music.
Never one to give up or deny himself what he considers his god-given right, Snoop has been arrested on several occasions for possession but seems to shrug off every encounter as a mere inconvenience.
Expressed through his public appearances and widely versed in his music Snoop Dogg defies the moderators of the world with his pride and penchant for the herb and growing cannabis.