Cannabis Indica Volume 2 Released


The first volume of S.T. Oner’s lush Cannabis Indica examined 100 strains from 100 leading marijuana breeders. Now it’s time for another trip through the dankest, fattest buds this side of the Hindu Kush, featuring information about the genetic history, growing traits, taste and effects of some of the very best cannabis grown across the globe.

The second book of the Cannabis Indica series (there’s also two volumes of Cannabis Sativa already out) continues the exploration of indica strains. From Afghan Mountain Black to Zindica, 100 more indica strains are showcased in all their glory with full color photos and encyclopedic information. (The planned series will eventually include six books, presumably three volumes of Indica and three of Sativa.)
Master cannabis grower and Cannabis Cultivation author Mel Thomas provides the introduction to Cannabis Indica, Volume 2. But Mel’s contribution is far more than a typical introduction; it’s title “What the Kush? A History of the Cannabis Indica Plant” lets you know the ambitions considerably exceed that humble appellation. Thomas’s quest to find pure indica at its source — as he had done for pure sativa in Thailand, a few years before — makes for some eye-opening and informative readcing.

Cannabis Indica
MauMau: A nice “dancing brain” feeling (page 100)

If what you like a big, beautiful, full-color close-ups of marijuana flowers, you’ve definitely come to the right place with Cannabis Indica. Immediately upon the conclusion of Frank’s introduction, we get on down to the main attraction. Besides the aforementioned gorgeous photos, the accompanying text — which could have been annoying, if done by a clueless person — just shines with savvy readability.
S.T. Oner wastes no time in showing his writing chops. The very first entry, Afghan Mountain Black, begins:

I’m both chronically lazy and vaguely asthmatic, so there are not many things that could get me halfway up an Afghani mountain. This strain, however, might just be one of them.

Every strain description includes a box with a brief summary of genetics, plus information about THC content and links to where seeds or clones can be obtained.

Cannabis Indica doesn’t skimp when it comes to the crucial aspect of effects, either. Back to Afghani Mountain Black:

The high from Afghan Mountain Black, whether smoking the nugs or the fantastic, high-grade hash you can make, is absolutely astounding; a pure landrace indica smoke that will put you out of commission for hours unless you’re a hard-core toker. This strain is a real treat, and definitely one to look for!