iBAKE University Launches New Website, Offers $99 Enrollment


iBAKE University

The online cannabis educational program iBAKE University has announced the launch of its new website, www.ibakeuniversity.com. Thurlow Weed, CEO of No Excuses Entertainment, LLC, also announced that iBAKE University will continue their $99 enrollment for the month of January 2013.

“If you’re interested in growing, cannabis law, or if you’re interested in starting up a new CannaBiz, iBAKE University is the program to get started with,” Weed said.

Thurlow Weed/Twitter
Thurlow Weed: “There is still time to enroll for classes starting January 8th, 2013”

Weed, host of the Wake N Bake with Thurlow Weed Show on iBAKE TV, said No Excuses Entertainment launched iBAKE University in November after voters in both Colorado and Washington state passed laws making small amounts of marijuana legal for adults 21 or older.
Colorado’s Amendment 64, which differs slightly from Washington’s I-502 by allowing adults to cultivate up to six plants in their homes, makes Colorado the perfect ground for “entrePOTneurs” to start new “CannaBizznesses,” according to Weed.
Weed also said due to a great response from enrollees, iBAKE has decided to keep its introductory cost of $99 enrollment going through January.
“There is still time to enroll for classes starting January 8th, 2013,” Weed said. 
According to Weed, iBAKE University provides its students with a comprehensive set of courses, offering a complete curriculum for beginners to advanced students. “Our instructors have the most combined experience in the medical cannabis industry in the U.S., he said.
For more information, visit www.ibakeuniversity.com or email [email protected].