CBD reverses dementia in Australian study


Scientists with Neuroscience Research Australia are finding that increased amounts of CBD may dramatically heal and protect the memory of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported last week on the project, which injects CBD into mice bred to have symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s. He says mice given the anti-inflamitory and antioxidant cannabinoid showed marked improvement in remembering objects as well as other mice.
A related study conducted by Dr. David Cheng at the University of Wollongong, showed CBD also helped reduce the amount of plaque formed on the brain with the onset of Alzheimer’s.
“It basically brings the performance of the animals back to the level of healthy animals,” said Tim Karl, a senior researcher with the organization. “You could say it cured them, but we will have to go back and look at their brains to be sure.”
While clearly an advocate for CBD therapy, Karl doesn’t seem all that enthused about general cannabis use however. “”Most of the components [of marijuana]are detrimental, they worsen your cognitive performance and have psychoactive effects… cannabidiol seems to not have any of these negative effects,” he said.
The study is being presented at the Australian Neuroscience Society’s annual meeting this week.