Colorado Springs man arrested after cops saw his stash on camera


David Frederick.

With the passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64 last November, adults age 21 and over can legally have up to an ounce of marijuana. Possessing more than that remains illegal, however — and a recent arrest suggests that police officers will use all the tools at their disposal to make sure those who exceed that amount are punished. The bustee: Daniel Frederick, whose offense is said to have been observed by surveillance camera.

Last Wednesday afternoon, according to a Colorado Springs Police Department release, members of what’s referred to as the “Downtown Area Response Team” were monitoring surveillance cameras when they saw a “known individual” — Frederick — near a playground in Acacia Park with “a large baggie of suspected marijuana.”
Shortly thereafter, CSPD reps headed to the scene and found Frederick near the intersection of Bijou Street and North Cascade. The release says the bag with him contained 96 grams of marijuana — about 3.39 ounces, or more than three times the amount he’s allowed under A64. As such, Frederick was arrested and booked on possession with intent to distribute marijuana, which remains a class 5 felony.
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