Breckenridge, Colo. could be the next Amsterdam according to the BBC (VIDEO)


BBC reporter Heather Alexander.

It’s always interesting to see the take on American medical and recreational cannabis from our friends across the pond. This recent report from the BBC on legalization in Colorado is proof of that, with the reporter singling out the ski resort town of Breckenridge as the potential American version of cannabis-friendly Amsterdam in the Netherlands. As a Coloradan, I highly doubt that will be the case — but the report does bring up a few interesting ideas.

The report hinges on the fact that Breckenridge decriminalized marijuana possession in 2010 – well before Amendment 64 was passed in the state legalizing possession and cultivation of small amounts of marijuana. And while it would be interesting if it happened, I think the report as a whole is somewhat overblown. For starters, the reporter keeps saying that medical marijuana shops will convert to recreational shops without mentioning that the Feds might nix that idea or that the Colorado legislature still has yet to pass any laws about the recreational industry.
That said, even this report makes Breck sound like the perfect getaway for the ganja-puffing, adventure-vacationing traveler.