Reporter claims chronic pain and gets a medical pot card, then implies wrongdoing


Morgan Loew.

Morgan Loew, a douchebag reporter with Phoenix’s CBS 5, had a hunch: that only young and healthy people were getting a medical marijuana card from doctors who didn’t really care about following the rules. Sick people be damned.
So what did he do? He faked his way into getting a card with a real ailment: a sore back. He saw both a chiropractor (to build up a history) as well as the doctor who recommended cannabis for what Loew described as “distracting” pain that limited his ability to run.

And then something happened he wasn’t expecting. Loew – like millions of Americans who from chronic pain – most certainly qualifed for a medical marijuana card. Best of all, Loew then signed his recommendation to the state stating that he, indeed, had “severe and chronic pain”. So, if he’s lying about the pain he’s lying on an official application. And he was trying to catch others being self-incriminating?
He also accomplishes a bunch of other douchey tasks in his “report” including making up statistics and pointing to tattoos or people who wear “ball caps” (he’s wearing a ball cap in the report!) as indications that somehow these people are perfectly healthy individuals. Yes, Morgan Loew somehow can tell whether or not his viewers are sick just by looking at them.
Phoenix New Times has the full (and strange) story as it unfolds.