Seattle butcher serving pot-fed pigs


BB Ranch.

No, its not going to make you stoned. It’s could make you fat, though. A butcher in Seattle has begun serving pork from pot-fed pigs, and says the taste is hog-heaven.
Cassandra Sawywer with the Seattle Met uncovered the tip the other week in talking with the head butcher of BB Ranch butcher shop at the Pike Place Market in Washington. He dubbed them “pot pigs”, and came up with the idea with Bucking Boar Farms owner who already serves pigs used vodka grains from a nearby distillery.

BB Ranch butcher Will von Schneidau.

The pot pigs are fed on the leftover stems, seeds and roots balls from the Top Shelf Organic cannabis club in addition to their normal slop. According to the butcher, the meat is noticeably savorier. BB Ranch has already thrown one Pot Pig Gig party, with guests reportedly taking a mid-meal intermission to head outside and fittingly toke a few bowls of herb.
No word on if the vodka pigs fight more than the pot pigs.
The owner of Top Shelf, Matt McAlman, speculates that because the leaves have a high-CBD content in them, the oinkers may be mellower than your usual barnyard variety. Pigs do have cannabinoid receptors, after all. We’re not quite buying that, but with legal medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives accumulating all of this organic trash, it only makes sense to put some of it to good use.
For those of you in the area, BB Ranch has some prosciutto curing currently.