Texas gov. approves drug testing for wellfare benefits law


Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Governor Rick Perry signed a bill into law Friday that will require people applying for unemployment benefits to submit to a drug test, if their responses to a screening questionnaire indicate possible drug use. The bill, written by Woodlands Republican Senator Tommy Williams, doesn’t set aside any new money for drug treatment programs, because of course it doesn’t. And if it’s anything like similar programs in other states, they’ll waste tens of thousands of dollars implementing it all while “saving” at most several hundreds when they “bust” some poor Texan who just wanted to get high one Saturday night with friends.
“The message is strong,” Perry said at a bill-signing ceremony today at the Capitol, according to the Tribune. “If you’ve got a drug problem, there are ways that we can help you get that licked, but we’re not going to entice individuals to not be responsible.” Dallas Observer has the rest.