Cherry-picking kids stumble upon/rat-out hidden Michigan cannabis grow


“I cannot tell a lie, there’s weed growing over there.”

Some kids and their very un-cool dad yesterday stumbled upon a plot of marijuana growing in a corn patch while the group was out hunting for cherries. Apparently they got all George Washington and couldn’t tell a lie.
According to, which broke the story, police were called in to cut down and haul off about 50 marijuana plants from the back part of a cornfield. And apparently, this type of thing isn’t uncommon.

According to Lt. Robert Kirk with the local county sheriff’s department, the clandestine marijuana growers pulled up a few rows of corn and planted some ganja back in it’s place. Since farmers rarely patrol their corn fields due to automatic watering and feeding, the plants were likely safe in their location until harvest time. But by then, the pot plants have matured enough to harvest so the famer never notices a thing except for a chunk of missing corn.
For his part – or lack thereof — the landowner wasn’t charged with anything. Apparently, they rarely are as the problem of secret sharecroppers has been a widespread problem for some time now.
Which brings up the most interesting point of this whole thing: famers have a built-in excuse that can get them off if pot plants are found in their fields. Brilliant. Grow away my agrarian friends.
Police are asking for anyone with any information to give them a call. We’re of the opinion that they can go fuck themselves though, and won’t be posting their contact information below. Instead, check out this video of marijuana growing in a corn field in the Czech Republic: