Texas man gets felony charges for allegedly bringing pot into jail



Hopefully none of you needto know this, but if you’re getting arrested in Texas and you’ve got herb on you and give it to the cops outside of the police station then you’re getting a misdemeanor at most. If you wait until you are inside, it becomes a felony. For the exact same bag of ganja.
Unfortunately, 18-year-old Marty Segura didn’t get that helpful service announcement in time.

Yesterday, Segura was in an accident in Brownsville and cops say they found a marijuana pipe on him so they arrested him and took him to jail. The report in the Brownsville Herald doesn’t say how police searched him enough to find a pipe but somehow fell for the old pot-in-a-sock trick.
Concert security guards half-high on meth don’t fall for that trick (trust us, we’ve tried), but somehow these cops did? (Editor’s note: We guess it is not surprising since cops seem to want to only hire the unintelligent).
Anyway, once he arrived at the jail, Segura was searched again. That’s when they found his stash.
Maybe he forgot he had weed in his sock. Maybe he thought he’d get away with it. Maybe it was planted on him, or maybe the cops left it there so this exact same thing would happen. Who knows what happened.
Either way, he was charged with bringing drugs into a correctional facility – a third-degree felony in the state that carries up to ten years in jail and a $10,000 fine. At the least Segura could be facing two years in jail.
That’s no fucking joke.
Thankfully, the cops are probably feeling pretty stupid for allowing the kid to pull the oldest trick in the weed-smuggling book over their heads after the first search and his charges will likely be dropped to a Class B misdemeanor charge. Not that a Class B misdemeanor is all that easy in Texas. Segura could be facing up to $2,000 in fines and 180 days in jail. All over a bag of weed and a pipe.